Bonham survey

What is happening?

McAllen ISD is consolidating the neighborhood that includes Bonham and Escandon. Starting in fall 2021, Escandon Elementary will expand its attendance zone to serve more families, including those who have attended Bonham Elementary. This is so McAllen ISD may continue providing the best educational environment for all children.


When will this happen?

At the beginning of the fall semester. The first day of school will be Monday, August 23, 2021.


Will summer school be impacted?

No. Summer School will go on as planned at Bonham this summer.


What about bus transportation?

Bus transportation routes will be provided.  


What about after-school care?

All schools provide after-school care.


Will the Head Start Program continue?

Yes, the Head Start Program at Bonham will move to Escandon Elementary.


What if I have already registered my child at Bonham for next year?

If you have already registered for next year at Bonham, there is no need register again. Your school records will be transferred. This will not require any additional work on your part. For more information, call our Student Outreach Office at 956-687-6473.


What advantages does Escandon have?

Escandon has unique offerings to provide children with additional opportunities for growth. This includes a Minitropolis program in which students learn important life skills (managing a budget, being responsible, paying taxes, etc.) and leadership skills (serving as “mayor,” “bank president” and other positions of responsibility). Escandon is also home to Regional Day School Program for the Deaf. To connect these student populations, hearing children learn basic sign language in order to make friends with their peers. Not only are children learning a new language but they are acquiring important social skills like empathy and character building.


What if I prefer my child attend a different school?

McAllen ISD will assist all families in achieving their educational goals for their child. The district has a recognized education model at all its elementary campuses. If a family prefers a transfer to a school other than Escandon, we can work with you to make this a smooth transition. Bus transportation will be provided to any school parents select. Just contact Student Outreach at 956-687-6473.


What if I need transfer or registration assistance?

If you need help registering your child for next year, or if you would like to apply for a transfer, please call Student Outreach at 956-687‐6473. One of our team members can help you complete this process over the phone in just a few minutes.  The Outreach team will be contacting you to offer this assistance this week.  Of course, you are welcome to reach out to us anytime before or after they call you.


Is it possible for me to visit schools before I choose one?

We want to help you make the best decision possible for you and your child. To do this, we offer you the opportunity to take a small group tour of the campus you are considering. You will have the opportunity to see the school for yourself, meet staff members and ask questions. Tours can be scheduled during the day or after hours, simply call the Student Outreach team (956-687-6473) to set one up.


My child loves Bonham. Why does the district have to make a change?

Going to new schools is a part of life and we know change requires making adjustments. It is completely normal, and is actually a good sign, when children have a positive emotional connection with their school. We want children to enjoy school because happy learners are successful learners. Rest assured, we will do everything possible to make your child’s adjustment as smooth as possible.  


What will happen to teachers and staff at Bonham?

All teachers and staff at Bonham will be reassigned where needed within the district. No one will lose their job.