Second Grade Teacher, Mrs. Vianey Solis, Earns Doctorate

Most teachers are lifelong learners, but most do not earn a doctorate. One teacher who did is combining her passion for learning and her compassion for students. Mrs. Vianey Solis, a second grade teacher here at Bonham, has worked her way to the top, earning her triad of degrees from Grand Canyon University; first, earning her Bachelors in Elementary Education, then her Masters in Reading, and finally, her Doctorate in Educational Leadership. She doesn't think she'll stop there; as a certified special education teacher, she hopes to earn a certification as a diagnostician so she can further help students in the special education program. Eventually, she  sees herself leading a school as a principal, and would love to continue serving the south side of McAllen, the community where she grew up. A former Bonham Beagle, she reminisces about her greatest influence in school - her own 5th grade teacher at Bonham Elementary, Floyd Hannah, who taught her to "use her shortcomings as springboards to something better instead of using them as a crutch." Mrs. Solis's favorite subjects in school are reading and science, and she is an ambitious reader, naming She's Come Undone by Wally Lamb her favorite book. Mrs. Solis passes on some heartfelt advice to students that she obviously lives by: "Work hard and never let anyone make you feel that you do not deserve the best education possible. Always ask for help, and use every resources available to you." Thank you, Mrs. Solis, for giving Bonham students the education they deserve!